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Paradise Creek Brewery

Brewing sour beers is right in our wheelhouse here at Paradise Creek, and we’re jumping into the shallow pool of the sour beer market head first. Back in 2012 we came into possession of a few oak barrels from a local winemaker and decided, “what the heck? let’s fill ‘em up and see what happens!” Since that time we’ve more than quadrupled our stock in cooperage, released the incredible Huckleberry Pucker, and even won some awards along the way.


Our approach to sour ales has been diverse, working on small-batches of quality concoctions. Earlier in 2015, we decided to wrangle most of our sour program into the "Culture Shock" series of sour and barrel-aged ales. Each Culture Shock beer we release is extremely limited in quantity and very different from the last. Check the bottom of this page for an archive of what’s come out so far.


Sour ales are a product of time, patience and intentional infection. Most of the time, we begin with a beer or a blend of beers that we typically brew in our yearly schedule. What we start out with will change so drastically throughout the process, it can be difficult to foresee what end flavor profile will be. That beer (or beers) is put into oak barrels; that have previously had wine, brandy, tequila, gin or bourbon in them. Some barrels are old, some are relatively new. Some have a lot of internal char, some are relatively pristine. All of these qualities factor into the complexity of flavors the beer will take on.


Then comes the inoculation. The souring agents we typically use are Brettanomyces and Lactobacillus although Pediococcus typically goes along for the ride. Occasionally we’ll just let a beer sour naturally through the yeast and bacteria floating in the air. It’s all a semi-scientific dance that our brewers do to achieve their desired results. Periodically checking the progress of the beers, the brewers will at some point make the decision that it’s either time to keg a batch or time to do some blending trials. Once a sour beer is deemed “good to go” we keg it, bottle some of it and slate it for release under the Culture Shock Series. The brewpub is the only sure-fire way to try a Culture Shock beer, though sometimes if you’re lucky, you’ll come across one at a festival we’re attending.


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Huckleberry Pucker Berliner Weisse .

Although not under the umbrella of the Culture Shock Series, we do have one very popular sour ale we brew all year called the Huckleberry Pucker. Rather than long-term barreling with a

variety of souring agents, this Berliner Weisse is “kettle-soured” meaning, the wheat-based beer is mashed and transferred to the boil kettle, where, Lactobacillus is introduced.  The "normal" brewing process is halted for a couple days in order to allow for lactic acid production. When pH is at the prescribed level, the wort is boiled (pasteurized). This insures that all the Lactobacillus is denatured and therefore won't infect your tap system of kegerator. We then do a "normal" fermentation with yeast before we add just the right amount of huckleberry, to end up with the sweet-tart Huckleberry Pucker so many love! If it sounds simple,,,, well, it's not.


Huckleberry Pucker is predictably available on draft, bottles and cans throughout the state of Washington and Northern Idaho all year long.


There is typically a Culture Shock Series beer on tap at both the Restaurant and the Trailside Taproom



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Dine-in, Take out and Delivery available from the restaurant. Call 509-338-9463


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