Paradise Creek Brewery

On Tap

Huckleberry Pucker

4.6% ABV // 3 IBU

An intense tang with a backdrop of huckleberry!

MooJoe Coffee Milk Stout on NITRO

5.0% ABV // 31 IBU

Fresh roast coffee aroma dark rich flavor

Huckleberry Pucker Shandy

4.4% ABV // 3 IBU

Tart berry-lemonade Berliner Weisse!

The Arbiter IPA

6.7% ABV // 58 IBU

Commanding Hop forward Aroma and Flavors

After Dark Schwarzbier

5.4% ABV // 24 IBU

Darned dark with no burnt flavors.

Blackberry Pucker

4.6% ABV // 3 IBU

Tart blackberry pucker. Seasonal.

Lincoln Lager

4.3% ABV // 10 IBU

An honest light beer for an honest day's work.

Webb's Slough Brew

4.3% ABV // 8 IBU

From the fields in St. John comes a light Summer Lager perfect for the races.

Dine-in, Takeout, Curbside Pickup and Free Delivery available at the Restaurant.

Inside and Outside seating available

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