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PCB Mug Club

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Hanging above the bar are rows of one hundred neatly organized and numbered mugs. Each mug is owned by a member of the Paradise Creek Brewery mug club. As a member, when you visit the brewpub, you’re privileged to drink from your 24-ounce, hand-crafted mug for the same price as a pint. Not only are you getting a great deal on the brew, but it’s also been proven that drinking out of your mug makes you 15% more attractive.

That’s not all…mug club members also get a discount on appetizers; growler fills and frequently get early access to seasonal brews! This all sounds great, right? Total win-win! So how do you go about joining the mug club? Well, that’s the tricky part. There are exactly two mug club openings per year. One in the late summer and one in the late winter. Exact dates vary, so the best way to be informed is to subscribe to the Brewsletter at the bottom of this page, and/or keep nagging our brewpub staff. Note that we don’t play favorites and there is no waiting list. It’s simply first come, first serve on mug club day.

Membership benefits

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Memberships are $75 for the year and renewals are $55 every year after. When you retire, your mug retires with you. It’s yours to keep and no one will ever have your number again. Elite, right?

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