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Huckleberry Hard Seltzer

A crystal clear drink that refreshes with a slight tartness. Has twice the flavor of other well known seltzers!

Beer style: Hard Seltzer

Flavor: clean, huckleberry fruit, slight tarness (from the Huckleberry)

Aroma: Light Huckleberry Flavor

Malts: None

Hops: None

Bitterness: 0 IBU

Alcohol: 4.6% ABV

Appearance: Crystal Pink

Food: Lightly spiced meals


Inspired by both hard seltzers and our flagship sour, the Huckleberry Pucker, here is a drink that is sure to satisfy. The Huckleberry (Pucker) Hard Seltzer takes a clean and crisp seltzer, and marries it with our Huckleberry flavoring to create a refreshing Seltzer with a crystal smooth taste, a little tartness from the flavoring, and goeorgous crystal pink color.

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