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Webb’s Slough Brew

Beer style: American Light Lager

Flavor: Light and Crisp

Aroma: Bready, fresh peas

Malts: Pilsen

Hops: Simcoe, Perle

Bitterness: 8 IBU

Alcohol: 4.3% ABV

Food: Hot dog with catsup and mustard


From where once was a field with an average yield, Now is a ditch to dampen an itch. For the need for speed must be reckoned indeed. We created a Slough from where we raise this Brew. It will tickle you liver and make you quiver.

Additional information


10 IBU


4.3% ABV

Special Event Beer

This beer was created for the Webb's Slough sprint boat races in St. John, WA!




Yes, 16oz cans


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